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Retrive coins the old way pushing buttons or the future way through Alexa or any voice assistant.

This is another “Thing” I made inspired in my previous project Cuckoo IR Alexa exploring the home automation with the combo ” Alexa and Universal Remote Control” people who loves (oh my…) Alexa, use to have. As mentioned before in the Cuckoo project, it will work with any other voice assitants.

This project uses an ordinatry Nano board, Servo, Keypad and an IR receiver led. No need the Arduino Iot Cloud.

Browsing for project ideas, I start to give attention to these ingenious pet feeders. So do I need a pet feeder? No. I need a… Money Feeder! kkkkkkk.

The here comes the idea: A coin dispenser. A device who give an exact amount of them.

Nothing exceptional, Some Servo motor with a lever that pushes the coins with a keypad command to set que amount needed.

This can be done in a infinite ways… Distance Sensor, proximiy sensor, light sensor, push buttons, etc.

This is also be developed with lcd, oled displays, password security, and so on.

But my thing is keep it as simple as possible. Only push a number on keypad and retrieve de coins.

And finally, the voice comand like ” Alexa, give me 3 coins” and get them.

The device at that time will be operated manually (boring…) and through voice commands (yep”).”

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