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Are you a mechatronics fan and are looking for a simple Arduino project to do? Well, here is a simple yet very important mechanism used in many robots nowadays. Robots are designed to satisfy a certain need or to make life easier in a certain way. The gripping action is actually a common task performed by many robots to fulfill their assigned mission. In this instructable, you will learn how to make a three-fingered electronic gripper automated with pushbuttons.

Bill of Materials
Mechanical Components:

Threaded rod 8mm diameter
8 mm nut to fit with the rod
Electronic Components:

Arduino Uno Board
pressure sensor (x3)
Dual output linear potentiometer
12V DC geared motor
L298N H-bridge motor driver
LCD 16x2 I2C
12 V DC power supply
10kOhm resistors(x5)
Jumper wires

Tools and Equipment:

3D printer
PLA for all the printed parts (other materials can also be used, like ABS)
Laser cutter
MDF 3mm
Soldering iron
Metal saw
Electric tape
Wire Stripper
Zip ties small size
3mm nuts and bolts”

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