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Replaced a bad keypad on the outside of my garage door.

Keypad to open garage door. Password can be changed through the keypad and is saved to EEPROM. Changing the password requires knowing the saved password. See code for instructions on setting password. Green LED to show correct password, red LED to show incorrect password. Uses a servo to press the button on a vehicle fob. Ability to reset password to 1234 with tactile button in case password forgot or new resident.

I am sharing this because so many others have shared projects and helped me piece this together. I am not the best code writer, so if there is something I could do better, I am all ears!

Also note I am using the low voltage wire which was existing in my walls which originally went to the door blocked sensors. My Wayne Dalton opener does not utilize these sensors so I was able to plug a 5V power supply in the ceiling and connect the power to the low voltage cable to the Arduino. I don’t recommend disabling the safety sensors if your door has them.

Video was before I soldered the wires to the final NANO.”

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