IoT Food Feeder for Animals

In this project we will be building an IOT liquid food dispenser system for pets and other animals. This project if implemented for welfare of stray animals( dogs , cat , birds etc) or preventing biodiversity loss then it can help us to achieve smart city in an environment sector. This IOT Liquid food dispenser device can be used for commercial (by users having pet) as well as for social welfare (for stray animals , birds). Our device consist of Liquid (it can be water or milk) feeder bowl which is connected with Liquid level sensor, pumping motor, micro controller, main Liquid tank ,disposable water tank and WI-FI module that connects device to internet .the data from sensors are given to web API(Thingspeak) which is linked to our webpage(my blog) which finally provide monitoring to the user. Also, the embedded device will be self automated that manages Liquid present in the bowl from the tank and independently monitors the Liquid level details that will be provided on our webpage in order to track whether the Liquid is present in the tank or not . Beside this in Bowl the user don’t need to worry if the Liquid get dirty as this device can dispose automatically disposes water after some duration of time . This device involves embedded programming and some basic html code editing task that will ultimately allow user to monitor the status of device like liquid level etc from remote location .To Build this device you need to follow following 10 steps that is elaborated in upcoming text.”


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