The BricKuber can solve a Rubiks cube in about less than 2 minutes.
The BricKuber is an open source Rubiks cube solving robot you can build yourself.
We wanted to build a Rubiks cube solving robot with the Raspberry Pi. Rather than go for speed, we went with simplicity: if you have a Raspberry Pi, a BrickPi kit, and a standard LEGO Mindstorms EV3 or NXT Kit, you should be able to easily follow in our footsteps. The software is written in the Python programming language. You can see all the source-code on Github here.
Background The Rubiks cube has recently begun making a comeback. Invented in 1974, it is the worlds best-selling toy. But solving them takes thought, effort, and skill … so why not let a robot do it? In this project, we take a Raspberry Pi, a BrickPi, and a set of LEGO Mindstorms and build a Rubiks cube solving robot. Simply place an unsolved Rubiks cube in the solver, run the python program, and your Rubiks cube is solved! The project uses the Pi to directly solve the Rubiks cube. The BrickPi3 takes the unsolved Rubiks cube and the Raspberry Pi takes a picture of each side of the Rubiks cube with the Raspberry Pi Camera. The Pi creates a text map of the color squares that shows where they are located on the cube. When it has fully mapped the cube, the Pi uses the kociemba python library to map out the moves needed to solve the Rubiks cube. This information is taken by the Pi and BrickPi3 to solve the Rubiks cube using the LEGO motors. The result: a solved Rubiks cube.”


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