On a hot day, what’s better than a nice cold beverage? Nothing, that’s what! Here’s a fun way to make made-to-order chilled drinks without using ice (which can dilute things), the Chilled Drinkibot!
The Chilled Drinkibot is a termoelectric cooler that uses a Peltier cooler, a large heat sink and fan, and a small pump to chill and then deliver your beverage to your waiting glass. It uses a Trinket M0 running CircuitPython to control things, and a temperature gauge to display your final chill value.

Parts and Materials
In addition to the parts listed below, you’ll also need a small conductive cup, preferably copper or something silver plated, and material to mount the components. This can be a plastic project box, 3D printed PLA, laser cut acrylic, or anything you like, really! Just so long as we can keep the electronics up above the liquid, and the Peltier cooler fan elevated for airflow.”


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