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This is a 3D-printed Christmas tree with embedded addressable LEDs inside. So it is possible to program the LEDs for nice light effects and using the 3D printed structure as a diffusor.

The tree is separated in 4 stages and a base element (the tree trunk) to make it easier to assemble and embed the LEDs during the prints. So in total 5 elements have to be printed.

LEDs are part of the print, they are not removable afterwards. Please ensure that everything works before embedding them into the print

3D files were designed in Fusion360 and are available at

- Transparent and green filament (In this case PLA filament was used)
- Teensy M0 or other small Arduino board (Trinket M0)
- Single Cell LiPo, for example a 18560 from Adafruit (battery)
- ON/OFF Switch with 17.5 mm hole distance
- 25 WS2812B LEDs
- Coated Copper wire or other thin wires
- Files at”

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