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THOR Smart Room Controller

THOR is a STEM toy designed to read temperature and humidity that triggers an alert for a “danger zone” curbing Black Mold growth.

The project stems from a Deep Dive Coding IoT Bootcamp at CNM Ingenuity in Albuquerque New Mexico. The THOR in concept was created due to my daughters struggle with allergies and living conditions in humid climates. The THOR initiates with an MP3 welcome engagement sound. Once deployed the Hammer starts to read the Temperature in Fahrenheit, Relative Humidity, and Hectopascal for Barometric pressure. The controller alerts the HUE system with changes in temperature and humidity and alerts in Red when conditions are in the “danger zone”. It has a manual option for WEMO outlets that have fans and humidifiers plugged in. Additionally, this is used to teach children the importance to reading climate and adds a little “razzle dazzle” with a flashing Neopixels emanating from the top slots in the Hammer.”

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