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Teensy 4 Large Music Synth

Place several screws into their respective locations to build a song, then simply let the large wheel turn to trigger some notes!

Music Boxes
Music boxes have been around since their invention in the mid-nineteenth century. They work by having a series of differently tuned teeth that emit a sound at a specific frequency when struck by a nub on a rotating cylinder. Older, traditional music boxes are operated with a hand crank to turn the cylinder, and they are also very limited in the sounds they can play, as the comb’s frequencies cannot be dynamically updated.

This music box differs in a major way compared to a traditional one. Although it still utilizes a spinning cylinder with little pegs, there isn’t a comb with tuned teeth. Rather, each hole on a horizontal section of the rotating cylinder corresponds to a sound that a Teensy can play. These sounds can be comprised of various instruments, akin to a synthesizer. There are 8 holes on each “slat,” which is 1/20th of the way around the cylinder.”

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