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Climate Chamber System

Control and maintain stable relative humidity and temperature states to simulate natural conditions for experimental testing in the lab.

Being ecologists, we investigate organisms and their responses to natural conditions, such as variations in temperature (T) and relative humidity (RH). Sometimes it is unfavorable or simply impossible to conduct experiments on site. Additionally, it is advantageous to be able to simulate whatever conditions are desired, regardless of a right timing; as changing seasons or weather conditions might foil a plan. Also, this system could be used to pretest to know what to expect as an outcome or to validate the functionality of materials, which will be used in field. Planned experiments can be performed withoutdelay.

Our system is constructed on low-costs and could be recreated by anyone. We set the skill level to advance, because assembly requires manual dexterity and more than basic household tools, especially wiring also requires solid knowledge of electrical engineering. In contrast the coding for this project is quiet simple.

Here, we present the prototype of a climate chamber system, which was designed and constructed to perform gravimetric experiments under differing humidity conditions. So far, the option to manipulate the temperature state wasn’t used, neither tested. Nonetheless, we include the devices of temperature control in our system description and the wiring.”

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