ESP32 BLE environmental gatt server

Use ESP32 with an industrial grade sensor as BLE server.
This is part ONE from a series of projects connected together.

In general the resulting solution consists of several parts which are:

A webserver (including a database)
Apps (universal Windows and Android)
The goal is to monitor my environment at home. For this series I cover 3 areas where I use different technologies for each single element.

Let’s start with the conservatory (winter garden) and the garden next to it.

For this I use an ESP32 NodeMCU - a cheap device including

Bluetooth (BLE is used in this case)
WiFi (used to transfer the data to a different hub and act as web server)
Several analog inputs (I use 5 of them)
I2C - used to run a display
Touch input - used as a kind of buttons
Approach one - get environmental data from the garden.

For this I use a sensor which is able to capture humidity (0-100%) and temperature (-40 to 60 °C). The sensor I use is an EE060 with analog output.

I choose this sensor because it is precise and robust, providing industrial grade operations even in harsh environments.

In my case it delivers 0-3V (different ranges are available). Although 0-10V is more common 0-3V is a good choice because the ESP32 analog inputs work for a range of 0-3.3V.

So the chosen sensor can be used without any extra wiring (e.g. voltage divider) by connecting it to the ESP32 analog inputs.”


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