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This project is in in my drawer for some time and I since Maker Fair is coming to town, this was a good time to make it.
A long time ago, there was a game called “Micro Machines” for Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) that I spend hours playing. Basically this was a racing game with small cars where the race track was parts of daily life objects. I found that there is a new version of this old classic.
On the original version, the game had top view of the track and cars, but I wanted to had the first person view in a head display. The camera would move according to the movement of the head of the player.
The controller should be a racing wheel.
Unfortunately, this was not possible, and in the end this was what I got.
Due to several factors I did not implemented the head display and servo controlled camera but the car is controller by the racing wheel, I have a wireless camera and everything works. The problem is the range. I can only control and see camera feed if every transmitter and receiver units are in line of sight.
In any case there are very interesting aspect of this project worth sharing.”

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