Just to be clear here, we are shutting down YOUR computer, not someone else’s computer.
The story goes like this:
A friend of mine Facebook messaged me and said he has a dozen computers running a bunch of math but every morning at 3 am they lock up. Since the computers are 30-minutes away, it’s a huge nuisance to drive two towns over (we live in South Dakota) to power-cycle the computers. He asked, could I build him an IoT device that would allow him to restart the offending computer from the comfort of his cozy bed?
Never to miss out on a challenge, I agreed to put something together for him, this is that project.
Using two bit-shift registered, an ESP8266 ESP01, a handful of LEDs, and some homemade optoisolators, the entire project costs about $5 if you buy the parts from China on Ebay. Maybe $20 from Amazon.
This is a rather complex build with lots of fine soldering. Not counting my screw ups and re-soldering, it took me the better part of 20 hours to make but it turned out amazing and works perfectly.”


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