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FEDORA or Flower Environment Decorating Organic Result Analyzer is an intelligent flower pot for indoor gardening. FEDORA is not just a flower pot, it can act as an alarm clock, wireless music player and a tiny robot friend. The main feature included in this device is the voice notification system embedded in it. (Dear designers and inventors , I apologize for not being word-perfect in English)
Automatically watering the plant, when soil moisture become dry An inbuilt tank of 1L capacity and the micro submersible pump installed in the pot helps to watering the plant at right time Water level indicator is added with FEDORA for sense the tank level, If the tank level becomes empty, user can identify it by through the indicator LEDs Soil status LED is also added in the pot for sense the soil moisture (If there is any error in the pumping mechanism, the soil moisture level becomes dry) A Temperature & Humidity sensor is added with this pot to sense the current temperature and humidity of the surroundings A growth light is added with this pot to provide sufficient artificial lights for the plant A bluetooth audio receiver installed inside, will helps to stream music from smartphones via bluetooth RBG LEDs assembled at the top portion of the pot helps to express the feelings of our plant/pot An alarm clock is added with FEDORA, This alarm clock will not reset if the power supply is switched off (Alarm details will stores at EEPROM) 24 Hrs auto screen refreshing clock is added with the pot An over flow sensor is added with the pot to prevent over flowing of the tank, while we filling it A (pre-recorded/saved) voice notification or interaction facility is added with this pot to make it so attractive A photosensitive sensor is added with it to, avoid playing voice notification at sleeping time (Night after we turned off the lights) A stepper motor driving tray is added with the pot, for take out the Arduino and upload the codes(updates) , with out removing the plant we planted at the to it RBG LED backlighting for make the pot more attractive A program controlled exhaust/cooler fan is added for exhaust the heat generated in the circuit layer due to the 7805 regulator ICFeatures skipped due to my exams and assignments
Automatic wishing system,which can wish the user (Good Morning,Good After Noon etc) when he come in front of the pot (A particular wishes (eg:good morning) will deliver only once in a day)Communication of FEDORAs about their current working status (Which can help the user to identify errors or empty tank conditions of another pot kept in his house ) , then they say it to their user, when he present at in front of the potTouch sensitive plant , If anyone touch the plant , the background LEDs become red and warn them through voice Shaking or sensing of inclination, which helps to prevent leakage of water to the circuit layer (By using gyro sensors)If anyone make this pot please try to implement these 4 features, it can make the pot more attractive.”

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