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Control Your Computer With Your Head!

Hi, I created a system that allows you to control your computer’s mouse just by moving your head.
If you like my project, don’t hesitate to vote for me in the Arduino Contest 2017. ;)
Why I made this?
I wanted to make an object that makes video games more realistic. However, I wanted to be as simple as possible, you don’t need to have good knowledge of electronics and soldering to do this project. I created this system to play games easier, this system is very intuitive. The head of the character in your video game makes the same movement as your head in real life.
My system is useful for playing video games, but this system could be used to make life easier for people with disabilities who can not use their hands. However, it would be necessary to improve my system so that we can use the buttons of the mouse. (Tell me in the comments if you have an idea to improve my project ;) ).”

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