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QuickyBot is a small development platform for learning arduino programming.

It is based on a Nano arduino card.
It has an ultrasonic distance sensor hc-sr04 to apprehend its environment.
It communicates via bluetooth using a HC-06 card.
It is powered by a 850 mAh LiPo battery.
Its two-wheel drive is powered by two micorservos 9g TowerPro SG90 modified for continuous rotation.

Here are links for modifying servos:
QuickyBot can be printed quickly and easily. It is made without much parts and can be made by beginners.
Only the upper shell requires the use of supports during printing.
(I modeled two upper shells because ultrasonic sensors may have slightly different dimensions depending on the manufacturer)

List of pieces :

1 Nano arduino card
1 ultrasonic sensor hc-sr04
1 bluetooth HC-06 card
1 LiPo battery 850mAh
1 DCDC Boost converter 0.9v/5v -> 5v 600mA
1 micro switch
1 female JST socket
2 microservo 9g TowerPro SG90
2 resistors 2.2k
2 screws 2,5X20
2 screws 2,5X25
2 ball bearing 3x8x4 693ZZ
1 screw 2,5X12 (or 2,5X15)
The electronic part is minimalist and simple to assemble according to the wiring diagram that I give you.

Be free to contact me if you encounter a difficulty to build your QuickyBot and give me a tip if you like my work :)

If you want, I made small arduino programs to start (calibrate the servos to find the complete stopping position of the wheels, change the name of the bluetooth card, control the QuickyBot by bluetooth or let it move in autonomous mode …) and I also created a minimalist application for android smartphones to remotely control QuickyBots …”

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