This is a simple moving message WIFI display, We are just using 3 pieces of hardware - and can really get away with just two pieces.
You will need some basic soldering skills for putting the pin headers on the D1 Mini, and shields.
I generally find prices for the D1 Mini a bit better on Aliexpress, but feel free to source your own parts.
Required Hardware: (Dollars are in U.S. Dollar)
D1 Mini - About $2.55…
Matrix LED Shield - About $1.60 -…
Not required but maybe handy to have:
Dual Base Shield - About $.50 -…
About $4.65 total.
Some optional hardware:
For power I keep it very simple, and used the USB port on the D1 - a cell phone charger, or just plugged into the USB port on a computer works well.
However Wemos does have a couple of other power options,
Battery Shield - About $1.10 -…
(You will need a LiPO battery which will add some cost to the project)
DC power shield - About $2.11 -…
Skills and tools needed:
A basic soldering iron, and some basic solder skill will be needed. That is really it.
The Build:
Once the pins are soldered on to the boards, you just need to plug the matrix shield into the D1 mini. The only note here is there is a little “dot” on the matrix shield, there is also a dot on the D1 mini (or there should be) - match them, and plug it in.
That’s it…”


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