Hello maker! I put a lot of effort and time in making eggy and this indestructible. It would mean the world to me If you vote on me in the contest I’m participating. (click in the top right corner of my indestructible). Thanks! -Mark
Robots will become more integrated in our daily lives and it is desired that they will be self-reliant. That also means humans have to be able to understand a robots intention. This research tries to answer the question whether a robot needs to express emotions to let people know its intentions. To this end a non-human-like robot was developed. The experiment conducted with this robot leads to the conclusion that observers tend to easier attribute a goal to a robot that expresses emotions than to a robot that does not express emotions.
Meet Eggy! A social robot with an animatronic tail! As a bonus it was (scientifically) tested if the incorporated social signals are clear to observances (p=23).
_Eggie is a build a simple driving robot based on a Raspberry pi.

Since I’m a student I couldn’t spent a lot of money so some smart poor-mans solutions where needed :).
It kind of behaves like a vacuum robot; it drives around until it bumps in to something. Than it moves back, turns one wheel on so it turns 90 degrees and drives forward till it bumps into something.
What makes this robot special are its social signals (non verbal communication). It has eye’s witch are a webpage is displayed by a old Phone. It also has a tail! More about this in the following steps!
The the best of my ability”


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