People often dont brush their teeth well, or do it too quickly, especially children. This tool may help them to spend the right amount of time at the right area.
I have made and published a toothbrushtimer before, but it was not robust enough to survive long in the harsh enviroment of a bathroom, and the extra complexity of the quiz was distraction from the toothbrushing. This timer will guide you through 4 phases of 30s for each corner of the mouth, followed by 10s to clean the tongue. I have no idea what the officially recommended times are, but these seem quite reasonable to me.
The timer presented here has the following features:
Very short code: 724 bytes fits on a cheap 8-pin ATtiny13A microcontroller. Very simple operation: just press the button to start. Goes to sleep at the end.Very low power consumption in sleep mode, no need to switch off power explicitly.”


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