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Arduino DCF77 Clock & Signal Analyzer
You can also see this clock on myweb site here DCF77 Analyzer Clock page
This Clock displays the received & decoded DCF77 time code on three 8x8 dot matrix displays and time, date and signal info on four 8 digit 7 segment displays.It uses 2 x Atmega 328 microprocessors (Arduino Uno) , 1 to control the DCF77 Analyzer and 1 to control a Udo Klein Super Filter. The Super Filter is switchable and will allow reception of the DCF77 signal from a very noisy signal.
The display auto dims controlled by a LDR and auto shuts down controlled by a PIR when no movement is detected.
See my 4K video of the clock running here
This clock is based on a DCF77 Analyzer Clock by Erik de Ruiter. See picture 3.
Erik has provided full details of his clock here on GitHubSee pictures of his clock here Flickr and his other amazing clocks here Flickr”

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