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I recently was invited to my partner’s brother’s wedding and they asked before if we could build them a photo booth as they cost too much to hire. This is what we came up with and after several compliments, I decided to turn it into an instructional project. So this is how to build your own Automated Photo Booth for less than hiring one (if you can lay your hands on a DSLR).
You can customise the housing to suit your event/wedding and as it’s controlled by an Arduino Nano you don’t need anyone to ‘man it’ throughout the night.
The guests just press the giant arcade button and the photo booth guides them through their own photoshoot sequence. :) Three photos are taken 10 seconds apart (you can change this in the code if you wanted to). The photos are displayed after each shot on the large screen. High-quality copies of the photos are saved onto the camera memory card for retrieval after the party.
This is the first time for me using more skills (if you can call my woodworking that) than just electronics and 3D printing. Here I get to combine photography, woodwork, electronics, decorating, programming, and 3D printing. :)”

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