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Cleaning Bot

A remote controlled and line following cleaning bot with a scrub attached on its back to clean the table and floor.

Project Report
Our team here at NITK was motivated with the idea that we should design something that could actually be used by students of NITK in improving their lives and making it more comfortable.

Therefore, we came up with the idea of a cleaning robot that could be operated in two modes:

· Manual

· Automatic

Manual mode was controlled using an Android-based App that transmitted data through a Bluetooth module to MSP430. This was designed keeping in mind the fact that our rooms can have random obstacles like chairs, bags etc and an automatic robot might not clean everywhere properly.

Automatic mode was made to follow predefined lined path which it detected using IR sensors. It was designed for places where path can be well defined in advance like mess tables. It also had a feature of obstacle detection using UV sensors to avoid any collisions.

There was an option given to switch between automatic mode and manual mode in Android app itself.

The movement of robot was controlled using L293D Motor Driver.

The robot used a motorised cleaning pad to clean the surface where ever it went. This can be further upgraded to a vaccum for better cleaning purpose.

Key Components
1. TexasInstruments MSP430 Board
2. IR sensors
3. UV sensor
4. Bluetooth module
5. L293D motor driver
6. DC motors
7. Potentiometer

The overall prize of the robot excluding MSP430 and including chassis and batteries was about INR 1600/-.

The overall experience of the whole Imagineer event, starting from learning something exciting under Texas Instruments Edu program, staying up whole night and making up the project, interacting and learning from our own seniors, presenting our project and being proud of something that we made in one day was really amazing and our team looks forward to participate in similar future events.”

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