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Lots of line followers are available on the internet. Most of them are made using separate modules. Several single PCB designs are available but all three functionality like Bluetooth control, obstacle avoiding and line following is not available in a single PCB design. In this instructable, I am going to share the recipe of my single PCB line follower with Bluetooth control and obstacle avoiding functionality. The bot is completely opensource and you can replicate it easily. I will provide all the required materials in the following steps including schematic, PCB design file and Arduino source code. The bot is designed as a single PCB and all the required components and sensors are placed directly to PCB without using any breadboard or any separate module. So, it is much more reliable than other line followers where separate sensor module is used.
For line follower, I used PID controller and you can tune all three PID parameters from an Android phone which can reduce lots of tuning hassle as well as it will help to save lots of tuning time. Before going further watch the demo of line follower where PID controller is used.
Line Following:
To power-up the BOT I used two 18650 lithium cells. Arduino NANO is used as the main controller and I placed the Nano using the pin header so that I can remove it easily from the bot. If you feel interested and plan to make one just keep reading.”

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