An easy to use Raspberry Pi Zero USB file-level computer data storage server (frequently called Network-Attached Storage or NAS).

Quite often I find myself on the go, in need of storing/sharing files locally with others without an accessible internet connection. Even with an internet connection, I find myself wanting to keep most of my file sharing local, to prevent storing sensitive data in the cloud (Infamous Cloud Security Breaches).

For example, I, like many other DIYers, have spent wayyyyy too much money on a fleet of 3D printers. The process of either downloading prototype designs onto a USB and inserting it into each of my printers is tons of work, and its much easier to have a secure place on an isolated network for my printers to automatically look for files to print.

To fix this problem I partnered with cyber-security researcher Josiah @ Halcy0nic to create SUBZero (Secure USB Backup Zero), a simple DIY wireless USB NAS (Network Attached Storage) that enables you to securely upload files on the go using a $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W! NAS is a low cost, convenient way to backup files, photos, and data for future use. The SUBZero was not intended to replace traditional USBs but offers features that you wouldn’t typically find on a COTS USB.

Wireless NAS
Access Point with configurable WPA2 authentication
Full TCP/IP on the local SUBZero network
Can act as a wireless router, but can also be used completely offline
IP masquerading
Removable/replaceable SD card. This allows you to buy either a large or small SD card depending on your own needs.
Easy to use HTTPS file server
Built with a $10.00 Raspberry Pi Zero W running Raspbian Stretch Lite. This fares better than a traditional USB in some cases because the SUBZero is also a fully functional computer.
Can be run/powered by your phone using a USB to USB-C/Lightning/Micro-USB/etc adapter.
How it Works
Just plug in the SUBZero to a USB port and it will broadcast a WiFi network named SUBZero (the default password is raspberry for WiFi, and pi:raspberry for the OS. PLEASE change this once it’s up and running). Once connected to the network, you can browse to and start uploading/sharing files. This functions as a standalone network, meaning no Internet connection required!”


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