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Electronic MasterMind Game

A battle of wits and logic between two players. Break the secret code.
This is an electronic version of the classic 70s Super Master Mind board game. The object is to guess the code that has been selected by the computer in as few moves as possible using clues given at each turn.

- Rasberry Pi Zero WH
- SD Card
- Adafruit 16x32 LED Matrix Panel (6mm pitch)
- Adafruit Matrix Hat (or Bonnet)
- 7x F-F Dupont Wires
- Small length of Stiff wire
- 6x 10mm Buttons
- 2.5mm Header block
- 5v 3A Power Supply
- Female Socket barrel jack power connector 5.5x2.1mm
- Short wire Jack plug connector male 5.5mm x 2.1mm
- Brown, Transparent and Red PLA (or colours of choice)”

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