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Smart Device Controller Weather Station Using IFTTT

I created this project to turn an air purifier on and off based on the current weather. Mine depends on temperature, wind speed and direction. Any weather information could be used in your project. IFTTT ( If This Then That) applets are called to turn the smart plug on and off. Other smart items could be controlled with easy Python program changes and additions.
The 4.2 inch weather display is an added bonus!
This project only requires five items, some bolts, and an optional 3D printed frame. The screen can be tilted up and down to make it easy to read. I like my open frame but the whole system could be enclosed.


Raspberry Pi Zero W

I repurposed an original Zero when a different project ran much better on a Zero 2 W. The original Zero is enough for this project.

Raspberry Pi Header

A header attached to Zero is required for connecting the screen module. You can solder on your own header or try to find a Zero WH with an already attached header. This is the only soldering required!

Memory Card

Any quality microSDHC with 32GB or more will work.

E-Paper Display Module

On Amazon it’s described as “Waveshare 4.2inch E-Ink Display Module Communicating via SPI Interface 400x300 Resolution E-Paper with Embedded Controller for Raspberry Pi”. It’s important to get this version with the built-in controller for the Raspberry Pi SPI interface. It can be found here.

Smart Items

Anything you can control with IFTTT. The list is extensive. Check it out here. I am using a wireless smart plug made by TP-Link. You can also adapt the program to control multiple items.”

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