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Dr. Tape Head is the perfect spooky companion when you’re working late in the lab! He uses Amazon’s Polly service to read out text from a Google Sheets spreadsheet, populated by the IFTTT service and gathered from Twitter, SMS messages and camera motion alerts. He’s even integrated with Google Assistant so you can remotely dictate tailored messages to spook those pesky trick-or-treaters.
Between notifications his Lego-framed glowing eyes, heavy breathing and LED VU meter mouth leave you in no doubt that he’s still lurking in the shadows. As he speaks his moving eyes fire laserbeams through an eerie cloud of vapour, generated by a relay-controlled USB pump and a slightly hacked e-cigarette.
His Raspberry Pi brain controls all of these functions, with speech and sound effects blaring from a pair of earphone-mounted speakers, connected up via a Pimoroni pHAT Beat amplifier
His head started life as a fencing mask, his mannequin body contains a long-lead power supply and his mad scientist hair is hand-crafted from vintage cassette tapes.

Fencing Mask
Ping Pong Balls
Raspberry Pi 2
USB WiFi Adaptor
Pimoroni pHAT Beat
Pico HAT Hack3r
Sparqee Relay Board
5v Air Pump
Ok e-cigarette
0% vape liquid
Used vape tank
Rubber tubing
Jumper Cables
2x Laser Diodes
2x Bright White LEDs
Short USB Extension”

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