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What do you do when you can’t decide what you want to be for Halloween? Be everything. The projection mask is comprised of a white 3D printed mask, a raspberry pi, a tiny projector and a battery pack. It is capable of projecting anything and everything onto your face. I will demonstrate some of the cool effects in my video, but I encourage you to try and come up with some of your own.


Raspberry Pi Zero W - Adafruit
DLP LightCrafter Display 2000 - Digikey
Custom PCB - PCBWay
Anker 10AH Battery Pack - Amazon (Affiliate)
USB A to Barrel Jack 5.5mm x 2.1mm - Amazon(Affiliate)
40mm Fan - Amazon(Affiliate)
PCB Electronics Parts BOM -

M3 x 8mm Hex Socket Cap - McMasterCarr
M3 x 6mm Hex Socket Cap - McMasterCarr
M3 Plastic Heat Set Threaded Inserts - McMasterCarr
#10 Wood Screw 3/4” - McMasterCarr
M2.5 x 6mm Machine Screw - McMasterCarr
Welder Head Mount - Amazon (Affiliate)
Binding Barrel Screws - McMasterCarr
1/2” Square Wooden Dowel - Local Hardware Store
Black Matte Paint for wood and plastic.
Black Hoodie”

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