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Raspberry Pi 4 NAS out of an old Power Amplifier

A Raspberry Pi 4 as NAS server with two WD red 4TB out of an old 19” power amplifier case. (Hard- and software).

I had played around with the NAS feature of my router in the past, but quickly reached its limits. Since then, I was looking for a NAS solution for my whole family. Best to build it myself. I already had a few Raspberry Pis at home and when the PI 4B came out, this was the perfect moment to get this project started.

Around the same time, a power amp at my school broke. Since I am involved in sound engineering there, it was no problem to get hold of it. So, I had a case in which all components would fit.

This project is divided into two parts:
In part 1 we take care of the hardware, i.e. the cabling of the individual devices and especially also the installation in the power amp case.

In part 2 we will install the operating system and set up the NAS.

If you are only interested in the software part and setting up the NAS with Ubuntu Server, you can jump straight to the second part.

The complete project and associated code can be found on GitHub (

Attention! Working on mains voltage is life threatening and should only be done by qualified personnel. Some steps shown here should only be done if you know exactly what you are doing. Furthermore, a multiple socket, as shown here, should never be used for permanent installations.”

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