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Hello everyone !

I’m a lasercut fan since three years for now, and always been a bit curious about mechanical computers. Those mechanism This instructables will help you to make your own signal synthetizer designed to be cut in wood. You can download all the files on its Thingiverse page.

This machine composes mechanically a Fourier series, which is a sum of
(theorically) infinite sine waves, but here, we are going to sum up 5 sines.

This Instructables is separated in 3 parts :

I. Fourier analysis principle / History
II. The main parts & tower assembly
III. User guide : How to use the machine

You will also need to gather some material :

Required material :

All lasercut parts are made into 3mm sheets. I personnaly used MDF for its value for money. About quantity, i had to use 7 sheets of 60x30cm, to give you an idea.

Hardware :

- A compression/extension spring set, similar to this one on Amazon. this box is sold everywhere in the world, check out the same set available around your country.
- x5 45x58x7mm 6809 bearings,
x2 120mm Ø4mm threaded rods,
x2 140mm Ø4mm threaded rod,
x1 190mm Ø3mm threaded rod with nuts,
x3 120mm Ø3mm soft rods (threaded rods can do the job),
x20 Ø4mm nuts,
(Optionnal) x8 Ø4mm acorn nuts for aesthetic, or else, replace it by 8 extra nuts,
x20 10mm Ø3mm bolts,
x2 15mm Ø3mm bolts,
a 100mm Ø6mm screw with 2 nuts,
Ø4mm tubes with Ø3mm inside as tiny bearings like these ones, x10 8mm long and x10 5mm long,
a bag of Ø3mm washers,
some metal scrap as counterweight (around 500g),
x5 paperclips,
a bulldog clip,
a pencil,
a little note pad.”

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