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The Ultimate Noise Box

A feature-laden, high tech DIY version of the popular white noise box used for enhancing sleep or relaxation.

This project was designed to create a white noise/relaxation machine with rarely-seen features:

- Produces CD-quality stereophonic audio.
- Uses real audio samples with gap-less undetectable looping
- Line level audio output jack to use with high quality powered speakers
- Intuitive control panel with rotary wheel and LCD screen
- Web-based control with a responsive UI
- Fully open-source and customizable

You can build this project in many different form factors, such as in a small case, large case, inside an old radio, or with an integrated amplifier and speakers. At a minimum you need a Raspberry Pi and the audio bonnet in the parts list. Without the display or controls, you can operate the Noise Box using the built-in web control panel by browsing to its IP address.”

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