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Child Assistant

A robot for children which helps to play and reduce addiction of smartphone.

The Problem: Children are becoming more addicted to smartphones day by day and usually watch cartoons, youtube, and play games. In Bangladesh, kids spend over three to four hours a day on screens. A study found that screen time impacts the physical structure of children’s brains, as well as their emotional development and mental health. Unless we get control of the screens which now absorb so much of our kids’ time, it will indirectly destroy our future generation.

The Solution: Robot always attracts a child. With added voice interactivity a robot can be a dream machine for a child. Definitely, it will attract children more than a smartphone. To bring out the children from screen addiction I made a robot. The robot has the following features:

- It can be driven through voice command.
- Children can ask the robot to make different sounds like fire service cars, ambulance, police cars even the sound of different animals.
- A child can ask the robot to tell stories, poems, joke and play music.
- The robot is able to tell the surrounding environmental parameter like temperature, humidity, air pressure, and UV light.
- The robot can show different directions like east, west, north, south and also be able to align itself in a specific direction.”

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