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The affordable autonomous robot provides localization and mapping facilities and safely navigate the robot through the environment.

As we face a worldwide healthcare crisis caused by COVID-19, there’s a large need for disinfection. This tutorial can be followed by anyone who is new to ROS all the instructions are mentioned so that you too can build an autonomous UV bot. UV-C in many parts of the globe for fighting the COVID-19. Currently, such units are either stationary or moved by humans. We improved upon that concept and built an autonomous, mobile unit that may move around lobbies and hallways to get into rooms for disinfection.

Our aim is to provide a simple tutorial to help people to make an affordable autonomous solution.

Three Lamps mounted on the robot would emit intense UV light at 240 nm wavelength, as per current medical device standards.

Our key innovation is in making this mobile with a state of the art LIDAR based SLAM technology that allows operation without exposing the workers to either the harmful UV light or infected rooms of patients. The mobility allows the disinfection of various corners and narrow alleys. We will be using a mobile app to communicate with the robot and the user can see the real-time status of the robot.

The bottom side can be used for other autonomous applications for surveillance, for delivery, etc.”

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