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I purchased a battery operated smoke/fire alarm few days ago and it showed up today. It runs on 9V and will make a loud sound if smoke is detected. My intention was to hook it up with my home automation system so that I would receive alert if it would go off including SMS, pushbullet notification to my phone, email etc.

The Funky v1 is ideal for the purpose because it is really flat/tiny and would fit inside the alarm. It will tap into the piezo siren and sleep until the siren is activated. Upon activation, it will make a wireless transmission to my home automation system (Raspberry Pi running Node-Red) for further processing and alerting me on my phone.

The piezo siren is activated with a 200ms series of 6.5Khz 50% PWM at 9V so I had to create a small voltage divider + a capacitor to smoothen the signal out and bring it to 3V so the Funky v1 can handle it. A 4.7K:10K + 1 uF ceramic capacitor works well.”

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