USB controlled SPÖKA night light

This is an IKEA SPÖKA light. It is a small night light resembling a little ghost. Originally powered by an internal rechargable battery, the light is controlled by a single button. When pressing that button it starts cycling through various color combintations. When you press that button again it freezes the current color. That’s all it can do. Depending on the model the colors can be a combination of either blue and green or red, orange and blue. Inspired by another SPÖKA mod I decided to also modify such a light, but instead of wirelessly communicating with the device, I wanted to be able to control it through USB. As the power requirements of the SPÖKA light are very low, it can easily be powered through the USB as well. I chose the blue/green model of the SPÖKA light. First I disassembled the light, which by the way is not that easily done, because the silicone skin is attached very tightly.”


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