Ultra-secure Programmable Lockbox

Our final project for ECE 4760: Digital Systems Design Using Microcontrollers is an ultra-secure programmable lockbox. The box can be unlocked using a keypad, three tunable knobs, a ‘knocking’ pattern (through a piezo electric sensor), and a fingerprint sensor. The user must provide the proper inputs to each of the various systems using the directions displayed on a TFT LCD screen. Once the box is unlocked, the user may update the passwords, combinations, and fingerprints that must be provided to unlock the box again. We wanted to build something that was useful and appealing to a wide variety of people. As seniors nearing the end of our undergraduate years, we envisioned using what we have learned over the past seven semesters to build something that could be given as a gift to those that made our time here possible, our mothers. This box can be used to securely store jewelry and other valuable merchandise. As our mothers current jewelry boxes do not contain enough wires and microcontrollers, we dedicate this project to them. This lockbox is a highly marketable product which provides real security in a unique way. This product may be particularly attractive to younger children who would like to have a toy box to which only they know the passcode. In addition, this box is equipped with multiple programmable hardware devices which may perk the interest of those interested in DIY electronics.”


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