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Explorer Uno PCB Template

If youre like us, you spend a lot of time prototyping new projects, starting with a breadboard, a handful of jumper wires, and whatever microcontroller seems to be an ideal fit for our vision. But there is something about the breadboard that feels unfinished.
This really left us thinking: How can we create a quicker path to PCB for all those who design with the open-source hardware we have come to love? So we looked at the projects wed built and found commonalities in the circuits, which we then used to create a pre-built, verified, ready-to-use template.
Wed like to introduce you to the Explorer Uno. Our first template, based on the board that started it all, the Arduino Uno. With the Explorer Uno, all you need is a breadboard, an Arduino Uno project and Patchr to make your idea a reality. Weve used this template in everything from cosplay to IoT to #badgelife and art installations anything that wasnt possible with a bulky Arduino. We hope you use the Explorer Uno to start down the path to discovering the PCB projects that make you most excited.”

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