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Turn your monitor into a monochrome one of yesteryear.

MonochromeVGA is a product to enjoy the charm of those monochrome monitors of the time but in the current video systems, and more specifically in your PC monitor. Although it could be connected to any TV, monitor or video system that has VGA inputs.

Select green, amber or B&W as monochromatic color, among others. Change color to monochrome or vice versa easily.Standard monochrome vintage monitors configurations:

Green: Only green at 100% of intensity

Amber: Red at 100% + Green at 75%

B&W: Red + Green + Blue, all at 100%

Connecting it directly in a VGA output, it will bridge and convert the RGB signals to a passive equivalent luminance value with a few resistors, then you just have to select the monochrome output by combining the primary colors red, green and blue using the some buttons.

The luminance is calculated passively and approximately to the following formula:

0.2126R + 0.7152G + 0.0722*B”

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