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A variant on the wooden wine box dual MX7219 matrix chiming clock. Rotating time, date, temp, humidity, day with events and chimes.

In a previous project (matrix clock) most of the ‘guts’ for the code were done, but this continues the trend toward a more visible format. This clock takes the wooden wine box clock logic and puts it into a see-through enclosure and also uses a small OLED display to constantly show the time and date (while everything else rotates through). It uses eight LED matrix units to display time, date, day of week, temperature, humidity and events that are either static (e.g., a birthday or Fourth of July) or floating (e.g., Memorial Day). The clock also offers a choice of silence or Westminster chimes or mantel clock bells. Finally, there’s a built-in Easter egg that shows off what the matrix display can do (using the library functions) while play the theme to Game of Thrones. I’ve added more holidays/events as well.”

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