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Open hardware, 3D printed, 6 axis robot arm

If the robots take all the jobs, only the robot owners will have power.
In order to ensure democracy, the robots must be owned by the people.
Open source robots are a must.
The most important robot I can make is a helping hand.
I aim to make Marginally Clever Robots, Ltd. into the Prusa of robot arms.
We will make an arm so good it can build its siblings (aka ‘eat your own dog food’).

The technical goal is an arm with 840mm of each carrying a 2kg payload. (fast, accurate, strong: pick two).

Spin-off projects include:
- gearboxes
- automatic tool changers
- custom end tooling
- control software
- encoders

There are three levels of kit available now:
- just the non-printed parts
- all the parts, unassembeled
- fully assembeled

A kickstarter would have stretch goals for:
- common extra tools
- smart phone teaching pendant app
- neural network path planning”

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