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Make and Download your Gas Leak Detector Case with Arduino

You’ll learn how to make a gas leak detector with Arduino and earn the project files.

One of the main causes of fires in homes is the leakage of cooking gas that when it comes in contact with sparks caused by the lighting of lamps through the switches.

Faced with this problem, we will develop a system for the detection of cooking gas present in the environment.

To perform the detection of this gas we will use the MQ2 sensor, this sensor has a resistance that varies according to the gas detection, it is possible to adjust its sensitivity through a trimpot present on the plate.

This detection system will consist of an Arduino Nano, MQ - 2 sensor, red led, buzzer, and I2C 16 x 2 LCD display.

Therefore, through this article you will learn:

Perform the assembly of the circuit on the protoboard;
Understand the operation of the MQ2 sensor;
Perform the communication of the Arduino JLCPCB with the MQ2 sensor;
Display of measured values on the LCD Display.
Earn your detector leakage gas case project;
Earn your Arduino JLCPCB Printed Circuit Board.
Now, we will start the complete presentation of the development of the Gas detection system project with the MQ - 2 sensors.

Developing the Project Gas detection system with the MQ -2 sensor
As previously mentioned, the project consists of creating a kitchen gas detection system with the MQ - 2 sensor. Next, we will explain the details of the operation of this sensor.”

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