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The sequel to my Raspbinator Terminator Skull project.

Skynet fights back.
In January 2018, I finished a project I had been working on for quite some time – The Raspbinator; I was very happy with it and it got some good attention. But there were some bugs and limitations to it and I already ideas for the next one.

Early in 2019, the Nvidia Jetson Nano was released and it had great capability for running machine learning; I thought this would be perfect for the next version of my project and a great opportunity to get into ML/Neural Nets.

Also, with Terminator: Dark Fate coming out this year – what better time!

So I pre-ordered the Jetson Nano, it was delivered on release and after many months of working and learning; The Nvidianator is finally ready.

Let’s dive in to the build and code…

Mission Parameters:

- Improve upon The Raspbinator and fix bugs.
- Use more advanced technology for image recognition and learning.
- Improve the aesthetics.

No problemo:
- Nvidia Jetson Nano
- Skull 3D model – printed using 3DHubs
- RPi Camera V2
- 20cm CSI cable
- Mini Portable Speaker
- Generic Microphone
- USB Soundcard
- Veroboard
- LED Kit
- Resistor Grab Bag
- NPN Transistor
- Jumper Jerky
- 80mm Cooling Fan
- Electrical Tape
- Generic Screws”

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