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AI device for mass fever screening.

Hi Everyone!

I want to share with you an AI Fever Screening Thermometer, a device I’ve been working on during past two months.

I combine Thermal (IR) and Visible Spectrum (RGB) cameras in order to:

Detect people in the scene
Measure their skin temperature in a contactless manner based on the thermal camera input.

Most importantly:

The device automatically detects people in the scene - there’s no need for a human operator!
You can test multiple people at the time.
You can test persons on-the-fly, without interrupting the flow.
The total BOM sums up to around 300 USD. That’s not exactly cheap, but it is still an order of magnitude less than existing proprietary technology, which AI Thermometer often exceeds.

I’m open-sourcing all the source code, 3D models.”

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