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Gravitational Acceleration Measurement

The purpose of this project is to give a global overview of a science laboratory to students who are discovering physics. It covers the different important points of a manipulation:
- the development of the theory of a simple situation,
- the characterization of equipment and measurement uncertainties,
- the adjustment of the theoretical model to the measurements performed,
- criticism of the results obtained and
- what improvement can be done to the manipulation.
Manipulation consists of dropping an object and measuring the time it takes for it to travel different distances in order to determine gravitational acceleration.

For this project, you will need:

1 arduino
2 LEDs (+ adapted resistances if needed)
2 photoresistors
1 marble
2 strong magnets
a 10 kΩ resistance
Some conductive wires
Breadboard (optional)
You should also have access to a 3D printer and to a soldering iron.”

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