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Recently, I came across RDA5807 module which is an FM Radio Tuner in a very tiny package. It is very cheap and uses I2C protocol for communication which means that only two wires will be required to talk to the IC. Less wiring!
My mom used to listen to the radio every day while cooking food before the radio died. I wanted to surprise her with a radio which I built myself. In this Instructables, I will show you how I interfaced RDA5807 IC with an Arduino. To make it look good, I designed an enclosure and 3D printed it. I’m new to 3D designing so it will be a simple design. No fancy stuff.

1x Arduino Nano
1x RDA5807M FM Radio Tuner IC
1x I2C OLED Display
1x 3W Speaker
1x PAM8403 Audio Amplifier Module
2x 6x6 Tactile Switches
1x 100k Potentiometer
1x DC Power Socket

3D Printer”

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