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Was admiring a number of items out there regarding Dr. Strange’s Eye of Agamotto (the Time Stone), and didn’t see anything that was animated like it was in the movies… so the seed was planted in my head with regards to coming up with a way to do that.
I thought about multiple layers, that each rotated from the starting position to an ending position that would reveal the eye, and looking at a number of animations and the movies again, and upon further investigation, found out that the rotation of the rings/layers can’t be done with static objects… at least not to the level of what the movie effects showcase… so came up with this design.
Once I figured out the start and end positions and figured out how much it would be required to be rotated (clockwise or counter clockwise), I created ratios. These ratios were then the test bed for creating gears… I found a great tool online that provides real time rotational information, and at a very reasonable price at that (it took quite a few trials and errors when actually cutting out the materials, and finding out that I actually really needed a central hub on each gear - this was actually quite educational to say the least)
GearGenerator (including the gear set that is used here)
the SVG of the gear set is included here
With the SVG downloaded, I was able to import it in to Adobe Illustrator

laser cutter
hard board
card stock
6-32 x 2” machine screws (x6)
6-32 x 3/4” machine screws (x5)
6-32 machine screw nuts (x6)
glue (wood glue works great on hardboard)
Arduino (nano preferred)
9V battery + plus battery clip
NeoPixel strip
stepper motor (28BYJ-48 was used here)
push buttons (x4)
soldering iron + solder”

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