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This tiny project has been made around a nicely carved 10x6x5cm wooden box I found in a shop.
Its best feature, which has not actually been properly caught on camera, is to light up with bright, saturated colors, the sides of the tree-carved lid of the box.
On the other side, be aware that using a rainbow effect on a strip of narrow RGB 5050 LEDs will always result in a whiteish illumination within some centimeters from the LEDs, as each pixel’s color soon mixes with its neighbors’. Should you want to avoid this effect, you can try (unless you use some focusing lens)
The brightness of the lamp is kept proportional to the ambient light thanks to a LDR: the lamp will shine in daylight conditions and won’t be too bright if used as a nightlight, in the dark.

Bill of materials:

one Attiny85 Digispark (clone) board, with its Micronucleusbootloader
one 8x WS2812 bar
one LDR, used to tune the lamp’s brightness depending on the surroundings
one 10KΩ pull-up resistor for the LDR
an USB micro cable to program the Digispark and to power the lamp once done
an hollow wooden box
a 5V⎓ power source (capable of providing not less than 500mA)
Skills and tools:

PlatformIO (running on Visual Studio Code) as the IDE - any Arduino IDE will do the job, though
a soldering iron, some solder wire and basic soldering skills
some wiring, scissors
some glue, tweezers
some opaque paint (to cover Digispark LED and to protect the LDR from being influenced by the lamp light)”

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