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Hey Everyone what’s up.
So here’s one of theprevious projects I made a few weeks ago.

Voronoi Diagram-Based PCB Lampis an RGB Lamp made entirely from PCBs, I used four rectangular PCBs with two square PCBs to make the body of the LAMP.

RGB Color in this Lamp can be changed by pressing the button on top of it, this button is connected with the lower square board that contains the RGB LEDs and the Attiny85 Microcontroller.

- Attiny85 SOIC8
- Custom PCBs- Main Square MCU PCB and Rectangular PCB
- WS2812B LEDs (2020 Package)
- USB Type C Port
- Diode M7
- 2R0 Resistor 1206 Package
- Arduino as ISP Setup for flashing the MCU
- SMD button
- UC202 Connector and wire harness
- Solder wire”

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