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USB Killer Detector

Detect USB Kill flash drives before they harm your hardware.

UBS Kill is a pen-testing device that looks like a regular USB flash drive. When these flash drives are connected into a USB port of, for example, your personal computer, then the 5V found in the USB port is converted into about 220V. Needless to say that, in matters of seconds, the computer can be physically damaged, resulting in the spending of money and resources to replace broken parts.


- Detects these flash drives in seconds.
- Fits in your hand and pocket.
- Low manufacturing costs.
- Universally compatible with almost any micro-USB charger.
- Use device prior to connect to your valuable hardware an unknown flash drive.
- Confidently proceed as usual upon a negative result.

HowDoes It Work?

- Connect micro-USB charger to device.
- Connect micro-USB charger into a wall outlet.
- Press switch of the device. Yellow light turns on.
- Connect flash drive into the regular USB port.
- If flash drive is a USB Kill or similar, then red light will turn on. Otherwise, red light keeps turned off, meaning that it is safe to connect the flash drive into your hardware.


A battery-powered version is fully completed including the case. Battery is internal and not removable.

A version for external and removable batteries is under development.”

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