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Low-cost USB Sniffer (LS/FS/HS) with Wireshark interface

This sniffer can be used standalone from a command line or as a plugin for Wireshark with direct control from the UI.

The sniffer is based around Cypress CY7C68013A MCU, Lattice LCMXO2 FPGA, and Microchip USB3343 USB PHY.

Prices and availability of ICs vary, but the total BOM should be less than $50.

LCMXO2-2000HC speed grades 5 and 6 were tested and the provided JED file was built for the speed grade 5, so it should work for both. Speed grade 4 should work too, but they are the least available and the price difference is negligible.

Caution: Do not buy CY7C68013A from eBay or AliExpress, they all are either fake or sketchy in some way. This IC can be quite expensive from regular suppliers, but LCSC is a legitimate supplier and they often have it at much cheaper prices.

PCBs can be ordered from OSH Park or any other PCB manufacturer, gerber files are provided.”

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